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. These new library books might interest our computer science students


Every Wednesday our students take part in an enrichment activity; including gardening club in our outside classroom. The students are beginning to see the fruits of their labour in the beds they sowed earlier in the year


Today our Y12 Biologists were dissecting a Sheep’s Pluck (Lungs, Heart and Liver) to aid their understanding of Mammalian Exchange Surfaces, to find out more about HCL6F and the our amazing science facilities visit our website


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Tomorrow the Library at reopens, and we have an exciting competition running this term!


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Whether your favourite genre is crime, fantasy or romance, we've got your holiday reading sorted! Books can now be loaned over the Christmas break


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Is the book better? Check out one of these TV & Film favourites from library! Books can now be borrowed over the Christmas break


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The library at has a growing selection of books to support mental health and wellbeing. We're here to support you!


Find out more about life at HCL6F from our staff and students by following the link below. Applications are open, on the website, for September 2022


The highlight of our week was the assembly on County Lines delivered by Luke Peters . Luke shared his lived experience, and gave us an authentic insight into this world. It was incredibly engaging and we took some really important messages from it


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. The library has a range of books supporting the Cultural Perspective curriculum, from curating to kindness... many more are on their way too!


Last week, our Year 12 CTEC Media students enjoyed a fantastic talk from , Head of Sport at Reach plc. They learnt about the impact of technology on the print industry


Our excellent assembly, yesterday, on sexual violence and harassment was delivered by our student leadership team. Thank you to Hanan, Umi, Pedro and Kingsley. We are encouraging all our students to take part in White Ribbon Day on the 25th November


If you want to join a sixth form with some of the best facilities and teachers in London. Apply to HCL6F. Applications are open for September 2022


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The library at is growing every day. Here is our fiction section, including favourites suggested by staff


Last week was the first meeting of our student parliament. Students discussed issues ranging from mental health to diversity. Watch out


Our students being put through their paces in Basketball enrichment today. Students take part in a range of enrichment activities from debating to volleyball. To find out more come and visit us, on the 18th November between 6pm and 8pm, for our open evening


Check out our Sixth Form Editorial put together by Ms Orgar and her brilliant student team. You can find out more about the amazing enrichment opportunties we offer on our Open Evening on the 18th November


We were also very lucky to have our local MP come in and do a Q & A for our students


This term our students have also continued their student leadership journeys through taking part in the democratic process to elect their student President and Vice President


At our Woman in Leadership event students were able to listen to a range of inspiring speakers from different industries

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Careers information, advice and guidance

Careers programme information:

Our Assistant Principal, Mr Patel, is the sixth form’s careers leader. His email address is and you can contact him on the telephone number 0204 542 4900. 

Careers planning starts before students enrol at sixth form and forms part of the admissions process.

  • Students will have one-to-one admissions interviews:  these cover career aims and suitable programmes of study.

A brief overview of our careers planning:

Year 12 - Autumn term

  1. In tutorial, students will have an introduction to leadership and the opportunity to take part in student parliament elections
  2. Students will be introduced to the Uniforg platform which will allow them to research different post 18 choices
  3. MVD (Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry) Society begins for students who are interested in applying for Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry.

Year 12 - Spring Term

  1. Next Steps event in February gives all Year 12 students the opportunity to discuss their career plans as part of a one-to-one with their tutors. Notes of these discussions are recorded. Students in need of more expert guidance are referred for a one-to-one career’s appointment
  2. Next Steps Information Evenings are run for parents to explain the different routes available to students when they leave sixth form and the support the sixth from gives students
  3. Employer workshops are run with employers
  4. Oxbridge events are held to help the most able students decide if they would like to make an Oxbridge application
  5. In the tutorial programme students begin researching higher education courses and universities. Students also begin researching and planning for their summer work experience
  6. MVD society continues for students who are interested in applying for Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry.

Year 12 - Summer Term

  1. Progression event gives students the help they need to make a start on their UCAS application or CV
  2. Students are also given advice from universities on writing personal statements and departments deliver sessions on progression routes in their subjects
  3. Students complete two weeks experience
  4. A further Oxbridge event is held to advise students on making a successful application.

Year 13 - Autumn Term

  1. UCAS mentoring: All Year 12 students going into Year 13 are provided with a UCAS mentor who supports students through the UCAS process as well as providing advice regarding post-18 work placements and apprenticeships
  2. Personal statement writing workshops are run by subject teachers and for those needing additional support with their UCAS application a 1 to 1 careers interview can be arranged
  3. In tutorial students reflect on their academic performance and work experience from Year 12 and set SMART targets for Year 13 and beyond.

Year 13 - Spring Term

  1. Students who have applied to UCAS are advised on how to reply to the offers they receive and what to do on results day
  2. Students interested in applying for apprenticeships are encouraged to attend a range of talks during National Apprenticeship Week and a trip to the National Apprenticeship Fair.

A universal offer that is always on the go includes:

  1. All students have access to a range of impartial, up-to-date careers information through the library including a Futures (next steps) display board
  2. A monthly careers bulletin will be sent to all students with university taster sessions, open days, internship programs and work experience opportunities
  3. All students will have access to Unifrog which has an entire Careers Library devoted to providing students with a wealth of information about the range of career pathways available.
  4. The whole curriculum: Subject leaders/teachers are encouraged to identify careers links within their subject area and contribute to the delivery through their schemes of work, lessons and trips
  5. Timetabled lessons: elements of subject lessons contribute towards key areas of careers education   
  6. Focused events: at strategic times throughout the year are targeted at relevant students e.g. activities during National Careers Week and National Apprenticeships Week, university taster days, trips and visits where a range of partners provide advice and guidance.

How we plan to measure impact (remember we open in September 2021 and will have out first examinations Year 13s graduate in 2023!):

An annual review of careers programme and is conducted by the Assistant Principal. This policy is reviewed and developed annually in discussion with students, parents, staff, governors and other relevant partners. The CEIAG strategy is audited against statutory guidance, evidence on good practice and other relevant frameworks and will be updated accordingly.

We also use student, parent and employer voice via surveys and dialogue to evaluate the success of our events/networking and information provision. We use these measures to build on our successes and to keep making our provision better.

The impact of the careers programme on students will be measured and evaluated using the evidence below:

  • Destinations data, evaluation forms, student surveys, focus groups and evidence of impact will all be used evaluate the effectiveness of current careers provision and inform further developments of our strategy.
  • During whole school MER, links to careers and departments in which CEIAG is an area of strength will be commented on during learning walks, lesson visits and curriculum reviews.

The next date of review for the careers programme will be June 2022. To access our CEIAG policy then please click here.