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☀️Summer reading time!☀️ Library books can now be borrowed until 5th September! (Please bring in your existing books for return/renewal first).


Last week, our biology students had an incredible afternoon at The Crick Institute. They had a behind the scenes tour of the building and then got to have 3 amazing talks from different scientists working in cancer research


Culture Day at Harris Clapham Sixth Form was a huge success. The students and staff looked great in cultural dress, celebrated with a BBQ, were lucky enough to hear from Stephanie Brobbey about her journey and career, and the day ended in a student organised fashion show!


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Calling Science students! Check out our latest book display, which celebrates the fascinating world of science


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Delighted to get the first edition of the Harris Clapham Sixth Form Newsletter off the presses.


Yesterday, Nick Fenwick, a head buyer at gave a informative and inspirational talk to our students. He discussed the cost of living crisis, the importance of being yourself (signposts vs weathercocks) and the importance of communication


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London borough of Lambeth - we're calling all students, careers advisors and friends📣 Join the Regeneration Brainery bootcamp with our partner . 📍 Clapham Park Cube, SW4 8EP 🕙 10am - 3pm 🥪 Free to attend, lunch inc. 🏗 Meet industry mentors & gain work experience


This week Year 12 A Level Psychology students have been looking back over the structure of the brain, nerves and writing the perfect answer. Only a few more weeks before summer exams, and they're preparing hard


This week our economists have been asked to consider the impact of rising inflation and whether the UK is heading for a recession. They will analyse the causes of the slowdown and consider what the Bank of England and government should do in response


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Yesterday the Times reported Professor David Abulafia’s defence of privilege. I’ve written to them to point out the flaws in his argument.


Last week our A Level Art students developed their use of manual photography to create original images around the theme of 'Knowledge'. The images attached are titled 'Melanin Minded' and 'Blind but Bright.' Both pieces are aimed at combating stereotypes about young black men.


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The latest display at library celebrates inspiring life stories from sports to politics to arts and culture. Check out the full list of books here:


All our science students have two extra challenge and support sessions a week. In these sessions, students focus on revising key content and practising exam questions. Here is an example from our Physics students on waves


Thierno Bah gave a powerful reading of the poignant poem, 'What Stephen Lawrence Has Taught Us' by Benjamin Zephaniah


Today's assembly reflected on Stephen Lawrence Day - which fell on 22nd April - and the wider questions around justice that this day brings to mind. We explored ideas and concepts of justice in philosophy, law and society, and reflected on whether we live in a just society.


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Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Spring Reading Challenge! Well done to our student and staff participants


Every Wednesday are students take part in enrichment. This term one of our most popular activities is chess club


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First assembly with today. Stormzy and Shakespeare combined with a little of my own long-forgotten history to create the concept of "Boot Confidence"


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To mark the month of Ramadan, we have a new library display featuring books about Islam, Muslim characters and Muslim authors


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. Here are some library books for students interested in healthcare professions, plus see more on our online library catalogue:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The Clapham Character

Success looks different to different people, but we believe that for everyone it includes having choices about what you learn and how you earn your living, and opportunities to use your skills to improve the world for yourself, for those you love, for those who come afterwards, and for those you share it with.

Developing the Clapham Character is building traits that will increase those choices and opportunities. This means becoming self-confident so that you know what you can do, you know how to get better at it, you know how to learn new things, and you know that trying and failing is, usually, better than not bothering at all. It means having the courage to try new things and to do the right thing when it’s not the easy thing. It means having the commitment to see something through, to face and overcome difficulties, to work hard doing hard work, and to look to long-term benefit rather than always preferring short-term satisfaction.

Confidence                         Courage                    Commitment

This character is developed through the subjects studied in lessons and through a range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities.

Through the process of studying for their qualifications, students develop skill and knowledge in which they can have confidence as well as acquiring grades that will open doors for them; they will experience over the two years new ideas and face challenges that will give them courage to face whatever life throws at them with integrity; and they will be pushed, cajoled, and encouraged to do their best with whatever task is in front of them, to fulfil their commitments even when it’s hard work, and to take and use feedback with good humour.

Leadership opportunities are central to the Clapham experience and we expect all students to have the courage to accept leadership in one area or another of school life – from the Student Parliament to sports teams there is a stage for everyone.

Cultural perspectives are a super-curricular course that takes students out of the familiarity of their subjects and into the wider world of learning. Taking three of these across Year 12 will develop confidence that learning is truly amazing – interesting, empowering, fun – and that it is something that is far too good to restrict to qualifications.

Our tutor programme (which includes assemblies and personal, social, and health education) supports students as they build their commitment to endeavour. Adult life can be difficult and in the twenty-two months of a Harris Clapham Sixth Form education, students need to learn to face it – in this interim period they will have the support, encouragement and advice of the staff and teachers here.

Being successful requires far more than simply a collection of qualifications and the pursuit of the Clapham Character places those skills and traits at the heart of a Clapham Education.