A happy Year 12 student enjoying their time at Art Club


Harris Clapham Sixth Form students visited their old school, on Friday to help Miss Heuston deliver an assembly for their year 11 girls. The event was brilliant and they were inspiring ambassadors for our school.


Miss Buakuma, our Assistant Principal thoroughly enjoyed meeting Year 11 students from their Destinations Evening


Miss Buakuma, our Assistant Principal thoroughly enjoyed meeting Year 11 students from at their Destination’s Evening


A snippet of our amazing choir practising for an upcoming Carol Service


Congratulations to Eleanor in Year 8 who took part in successful attempt to set Guinness World Record for the most people painting a portrait simultaneously. Over 1000 keen artists from across the globe picked up their brushes to paint Sir .


Today’s assembly was delivered by our Vice Principal, Mr Lloyd. In his assembly he shared how our memory works and provided our Year 13’s with memory techniques.


Today’s assembly was delivered by our Vice Principal, Mr Lloyd. In his assembly he shared how our memory works and provided Year 13’s memory techniques.


Sidcup station.In the beforetimes it was full Monday to Friday and getting standing (rather than squishing) room was a result.Through Covid it was almost empty and I used to live like a king with a carriage to myself. 1/2


This week I am speaking about remembrance at - there's a lot to think about this year:


The fantastic team from Harris Clapham Sixth Form won the enterprise competition organised by Elixirr with a simple and clever idea for mentoring.


Thank you again to the hundreds of students and parents who attended our Open Evening last week!


We had a wonderful open evening last night - great opportunity to meet some fantastic prospective students and show off all HCL6F has to offer.If you're in Y11 and in South London then you should seriously consider applying here:


Schools Plus is proud to partner with Harris Clapham Sixth Form to provide Venue Hire on Evenings, Weekends and School Holidays. To view and book the Dance Studio, Main Hall, Drama Studio, Classrooms and more, please visit - |


Another interesting Black History Month inspired assembly by Mr Lloyd on Tuesday at Harris Clapham Sixth Form. This time, a celebration of the incredible Mary Seacole through the lens of our language of learning: Mechanics and Purpose.


Last week, Miss Buakuma gave an inspiring assembly about moral purpose as a driver for courage. We were invited to reflect on the courage of Akyaaba Addai Sebo, and were challenged to 'dig deeper, look closer, think bigger'


We are reading Black History Month inspired fiction and non-fiction this month at Harris Clapham Sixth Form. What an insightful and inspiring collection of titles!


Here’s our Year 13 student Sally sharing how Harris Clapham Sixth Form and prepared her to introduce this year’s annual Harris Federation Conference


I find this one of the greatest pieces of cognitive dissonance about the Harris Federation.We're said to be ruthless, moneygrabbing capitalists who want nothing more than to throw the poor and vulnerable onto the streets and yet we've gone into primary schooling & then nurseries

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















The Clapham Character

Success looks different to different people, but we believe that for everyone it includes having choices about what you learn and how you earn your living, and opportunities to use your skills to improve the world for yourself, for those you love, for those who come afterwards, and for those you share it with.

Developing the Clapham Character is building traits that will increase those choices and opportunities. This means becoming self-confident so that you know what you can do, you know how to get better at it, you know how to learn new things, and you know that trying and failing is, usually, better than not bothering at all. It means having the courage to try new things and to do the right thing when it’s not the easy thing. It means having the commitment to see something through, to face and overcome difficulties, to work hard doing hard work, and to look to long-term benefit rather than always preferring short-term satisfaction.

Confidence                         Courage                    Commitment

This character is developed through the subjects studied in lessons and through a range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities.

Through the process of studying for their qualifications, students develop skill and knowledge in which they can have confidence as well as acquiring grades that will open doors for them; they will experience over the two years new ideas and face challenges that will give them courage to face whatever life throws at them with integrity; and they will be pushed, cajoled, and encouraged to do their best with whatever task is in front of them, to fulfil their commitments even when it’s hard work, and to take and use feedback with good humour.

Leadership opportunities are central to the Clapham experience and we expect all students to have the courage to accept leadership in one area or another of school life – from the Student Parliament to sports teams there is a stage for everyone.

Cultural perspectives are a super-curricular course that takes students out of the familiarity of their subjects and into the wider world of learning. Taking three of these across Year 12 will develop confidence that learning is truly amazing – interesting, empowering, fun – and that it is something that is far too good to restrict to qualifications.

Our tutor programme (which includes assemblies and personal, social, and health education) supports students as they build their commitment to endeavour. Adult life can be difficult and in the twenty-two months of a Harris Clapham Sixth Form education, students need to learn to face it – in this interim period they will have the support, encouragement and advice of the staff and teachers here.

Being successful requires far more than simply a collection of qualifications and the pursuit of the Clapham Character places those skills and traits at the heart of a Clapham Education.