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I’ve just come out of the HCL6F rewards evening and, despite being rather hungry and definitely end-of-term sleepy, I am buzzing!Great guest star in Steve Leeson of but the highlight for me was Student President Ruweida’s vote of thanks - calm, clear, assured.


This was the induction assembly for prospective students joining Year 12 in September 2024 from our Executive Principal. Wise, striking, and occasionally rhyming words.


Looking forward to our rewards evening at Harris Clapham Sixth Form - the third year is coming to an end and we have a group of amazing students to celebrate!


Happy Monday! Today at Harris Clapham Sixth Form we have an exciting Careers Day planned.To start the day off, our students had an assembly by our Vice Principal Mr Lloyd on the UCAS process


I get a badge for this one and everything!


Last week Our Year 12 Sociology, Politics and History students enjoyed a tour around the UK Parliament today. Here are some of them in the House of Lords looking as noble as any of the 92 Hereditary peers who sit in the UK's second chamber!


Last week during enrichment, walking club enjoyed the sunshine and nature in Clapham Common and had a pleasant afternoon together.


Mr Lepretre’s lexicon for this week!


An exciting House competition update. Here at Harris Clapham Sixth Form, we currently have House Morris in first place, Franklin in second and Kahlo and Mendes in joint third. With one more House competiton, there is still all to play for!


Last Friday, we had a moving Year 13 Assembly followed by a fun student led Soirée. It was a lovely way for the community to come together and celebrate Year 13’s journey with us.


It’s a two assembly week, so as well as linguistically interesting advice for year 12s, we have a timely sporting analogy for Year 13:


This afternoon’s Year 12 assembly at introduced me to a new word and has left me pondering its plural. A mumpsimus is an error determinedly continued despite correction, but is it two mumpsimi, mumpsimuses, mumpsimodes?


Exciting to see our assemblies quoted in the news (not a lot of sixth forms can claim that):


Today, our Student President Ruweida and one of our Vice Presidents Sarah went over to to deliver some words of wisdom to the Year students about how to prepare for Year 11 next year.#community


This week students from the Clapham Cultural Society organised an Eid celebration for our school community. This included a session on Eid Al-Fitr, quizzes and games, henna designing and a bake sale. More than £100 was raised for charity!


A glimpse of Enrichment at Harris Clapham Sixth Form through photos 👇.Enrichment choices range from Tennis to Photography to Gardening: We believe that these experiences will empower students to thrive in various aspects of their personal, academic and professional lives.


Here’s our word of the week from Mr Lepretre, teacher of English


A book recommendation by Bushra (Y12). She described the book as “A thriller with a good plot that makes youquestion who to trust”


Lessons that you can learn from Jake and Elwood Blues, from Aretha Franklin, from Erasure, and from Barbie (part 1).


As part of House Morris Day, students took part in a scavenger hunt and a cupcake icing competition!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Academic Offer

Welcome to the curriculum information for Harris Clapham Sixth Form. Harris Clapham offers a wonderful and unique opportunity to students in Lambeth and beyond to come and get a brilliant all-round education. 

The academy offers a Level 3 curriculum package. This focuses on A-level and vocational courses. Students will also benefit from a first-class enrichment and personal social/health curriculum. We will particularly focus on developing students’ leadership skills, including in their local community. Please click on the leadership tab to find out more.

Our A levels include the ‘facilitating’ subjects that are the most valued by the best universities. Our state-of-the-art facilities enable every subject to be taught above and beyond the exam board specification. We offer separate sciences, mathematics and technological subjects. Other subjects include Government and Politics, drama and computing. 

Our vocational courses enable students to study the equivalent of one, two or three A-levels. These courses fully integrate the world of work into their delivery. Our resources include media, computing and art suites. Students use the latest technologies that are used in industry during their studies. We have prepared a summary of each subject (please click on each subject within the subject tab). The vocational courses include a variety of optional units - final decisions on these are made by teachers. The subject pages give a flavour, for example of the mandatory units that must be studied alongside the optional units.  

Please note that each year we cannot confirm whether all courses will run until after enrolment when we know final numbers.

From day one, students are preparing for the step up to university education and/or their chosen apprenticeship/work routes.

They work towards challenging academic goals; they develop the study skills of independent, adult learners; they are supported in preparing their applications, personal statements and interviews so they are ready to take on the competition! In addition to their A level and/or vocational courses, there are sessions that allow students to learn completely different things, often outside the box. These are called “Cultural Perspectives”. Students will choose a different perspective each term. There will also be a wide range of enrichment, work experiences and sporting opportunities to ensure a holistic education package is on offer.  

You can access our curriculum policy from here.