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Student leadership is really important to us at Harris Clapham Sixth Form and this week we announced our new Student Parliament President and our new Vice Presidents!


Happy Confidence Term from Harris Clapham Sixth Form! Yesterday our Executive Principal gave an assembly to our Year 12 students on the importance of being confident and taking opportunities in life.


Today our Head of School, Ms Heuston gave an assembly to our Year 13 students which highlighted the importance of removing distractions and remaining focused in order to achieve success.


Yesterday we had our first assembly of Confidence Term at Harris Clapham Sixth Form. A delight to be able to share two of my cultural favourites, a character deficiency, and to celebrate the new student President:


Eid Mubarak to all of our students and families who celebrate it (and to everyone else, actually - have a great Eid).


A strong reading recommendation from our Executive Principal (and a beautiful cover).


A new book to go into the work bag - thanks to (and others) for the recommendation.


Oscar Wilde said “Why was I born with such contemporaries?” Gore Vidal went further with “It is not enough to succeed, others must fail.”These witty comments touch on a darker part of humanity, and one of the things I love most about schools is when they challenge this.


Last Wednesday the Year 12 Biologists visited Beckenham Place Park to complete some of the field work required for their A level studies. Despite challenging weather, students did incredibly well and were able to finish their practical work.


Congratulations to Year 12 drama students who performed brilliantly in their recent theatrical crime drama for an invited audience of teachers.


Clapham Cultural Society celebrated Ghana Independence Day by hosting a fun quiz highlighting key facts about Ghana


As part of our celebration of World Book Day, teachers continued to share their favourite books through ‘Drop Everything and Read. Form tutors dedicated the first 5-10 minutes of the session to read a book excerpt aloud to tutees.


Thursday 7th was World Book Day and at Harris Clapham Sixth Form classroom doors were adorned with posters showing favourite books of staff members.The range of titles and genres demonstrated the varied interests across the school.


At , we have as two “cornerstones” of our development “Empowerment” and “Joy” - staff should feel able to make change and everyone should have fun at school.If you’re interested in a school that works this way, we’re hiring.


At , we have as two “cornerstones” of our development “Empowerment” and “Joy” - staff should feel able to make change and everyone should have fun at school.If you’re interested in a school that works this way, we’re hiring.


Glad to see someone actually saying we should have joy in schools.


Glad to see someone actually saying we should have joy in schools.


This was a wonderful event - huge thanks to our guest speakers and a big welcome to the students who came to look round: we think you'll fit in well and are looking forward to getting to know you in September.


Last chance to sign up to our Careers Open Evening which is happening tomorrow! We have speakers from the world of Medicine and Law and a wide range of careers on display. Sign up using the below link. #claphamsixthform


I'm really looking forward to this week's Open Evening at - we've got great speakers from the worlds of law, medicine & finance to underpin our thinking of sixth form as a step from childhood to the adult world & the need to earn a living:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Student Leadership

Student Leadership is central to the success of our academy and our students. Through our academy student leadership offer, we will deliver leadership opportunities that give you the confidence to impact the world around you, to take on challenges and to lead others.

Leadership flows through everything we do at the academy, it is integral to the learning of all students and built into our cultural perspectives, sport and enrichment. There are also many formal leadership opportunities, where you can play a role in shaping academy systems and culture and affecting change.

Leadership opportunities and development at the academy will reflect those available in employment and higher education and offers real world leadership skills and responsibility. We want you to leave us with the knowledge and skills that leaders need to make a difference. As well as the extensive in-house offer, you are able to access opportunities for external accreditation.

We have defined five leadership capabilities that you can gain experience in. These are:

  • Self-motivation and self-reliance
  • Reflection and emotional intelligence
  • Influencing others and making change happen
  • Developing others through coaching and mentoring
  • Project management

You will then be able to select from the following leadership opportunities that develop their leadership capabilities:

Leadership Competency

Leadership Opportunities

Self-motivation and self-reliance

  • the universal offer of learning that empowers students to become leaders of their own learning through prep and reflection.
  • the Duke of Edinburgh scheme

Reflection and emotional intelligence

  • the universal offer of a tutor programme which has a sharp and ongoing focus on leadership, leadership development and involves self-assessment and reflection.
  • Women in Leadership Programme

Influencing others and making change happen

Student Parliament, including the following roles:

  • Student President and Vice Presidents
  • Environment Officer
  • Women’s’ Officer
  • Inclusion Officer
  • Anti-racism Officer
  • Student Welfare Officer
  • Mental Health Officer
  • Culture Officer
  • Teaching and Learning Officer
  • Event Organisers

Change Societies, including the following groups:

  • LGBTQ society
  • Women in Leadership group
  • Environment Society
  • Sixth Form Editorial (weekly, enrichment)
  • Curriculum Advisors
  • Book Group
  • Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry Society
  • Debating Society

Developing others through coaching and mentoring

  • Student Mentors
  • Sports Leaders Qualifications
  • Leadership Skills Programme

Project Management

  • Young Enterprise Company Programme
  • Charities Committees who lead the academy’s social action work and charity fundraising events.