Building update - in go the toilets and showers, not long until September


Update on the building: furniture going into the science laboratories and general classrooms now taking shape. Not long until September 2021!


News from the building - have a look at the spacious size of one of our general classrooms as it takes shape


This week’s photo updates: a) the topping going on the first floor and b) the view of the building from Kings Avenue.


Photos this week from the building: onwards and onwards - roll on August 2021!


Building update: roof work continues and the services are now going in! Roll on September. Full steam ahead


Our virtual course discussions start today. Many thanks to all of you for confirming. Please make sure you use the link in your confirmation email to join the meeting. We look forward to meeting you


Thank you for all your recent applications! We are working hard to set up our virtual course discussions. We will be using MS Bookings and MS Teams. An email giving details of the available dates and times will be coming out next week–please check your emails for further details.


Our fantastic new building continues to move forward at pace – the windows are going in!


An excellent Virtual Open Evening on Tuesday–thanks to all who attended the main presentation & marketplace, lots of interesting questions! A huge thanks to staff from across for their support. Our subject FAQs & presentations are available on


Update from Mr Hainey on course discussions: meeting so many fantastic students, exactly the calibre we want. Come and be part of something special at Harris Clapham Sixth Form. Our virtual open evening is Tuesday 12 January, 5.30 pm, see website for details!


Latest from the building: the roofing being completed and the internal walls going in. Roll on September!


Mr Hainey is delighted to announce the appointment of two senior leaders who will be working with him to launch Harris Clapham Sixth Form. To find out more see


Quote from Mr Hainey ”just met a student during a course discussion who told me she wants to be the first black Prime Minister”. All of us at Harris Clapham Sixth Form will support her in making this happen. A reminder you can apply online at


Our first course discussions with the students who have applied to come to our amazing new academy next September have just started. Check out our website and apply for a place online


Mr Hainey, Executive Principal, is delighted to announce appointment of two senior leaders, Miss Heuston and Mr Patel. More information to follow!


Calling all Yr11 students in Lambeth and beyond. A date for your diary - Our virtual open evening - Harris Clapham Sixth Form - Tuesday 12th Jan start time 5:30pm More to follow!


A fantastic building continues to take shape

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















PRSHE, Assemblies and Tutorials

All of our work is focused on developing the Clapham Character that our students further develop as they join us. This includes a strong focus on developing leadership knowledge and skills, balanced with further learning on staying safe.

Personal, Relationships, Sex and Health Education (PRSHE)

As part of a student’s weekly timetable, they have two tutor sessions with their form tutor. During these sessions, tutors deliver PRSHE. Students learn in an age-appropriate way, how to keep themselves safe, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of the content that students learn links to the ‘contextual’ risks that students face living in and around London. These include:

  • child criminal exploitation, including county lines
  • serious youth violence, including knife crime
  • child sexual exploitation, including for boys
  • protection from radicalisation, extremism and terrorism

Students hear from a variety of agencies, including the police, about staying safe. Our PRSHE programme recognises that students are 16 to 19 years old. Other content will include the world of finance, personal budgeting and careers/UCAS (please see the tab with more details on UCAS).

Our programme therefore focuses on building from what students would have learned in secondary school, extending their knowledge and developing a deeper understanding as they prepare for employment, independence and their highly successful lives ahead.

We have a clear and cohesive strategy to ensure that academy has a culture of openess and mutual respect, a place where everyone is free from sexual harassment and/or sexual violence.

Please see our PRSHE policy on the documents list below.


Assemblies take place weekly. There may be whole academy assemblies or faculty assemblies led by a senior leader. A full assemblies programme is created for the year. The assemblies complement the PRSHE curriculum so everything flows together. Assemblies are one of the times when guest speakers come in to speak to students. This could be the Lambeth nursing team for example. Please see our assemblies and collective worship policy on the documents list below.


The tutor will be the first port of call for a student. There will be roughly 20 students in a tutor group. Every tutor will get to know their tutees really well. Tutors as well as delivering PRSHE support students in celebrating the success and managing the challenges of sixth form studies. Tutors will also liaise with parents and carers during the academy year.