A happy Year 12 student enjoying their time at Art Club


Harris Clapham Sixth Form students visited their old school, on Friday to help Miss Heuston deliver an assembly for their year 11 girls. The event was brilliant and they were inspiring ambassadors for our school.


Miss Buakuma, our Assistant Principal thoroughly enjoyed meeting Year 11 students from their Destinations Evening


Miss Buakuma, our Assistant Principal thoroughly enjoyed meeting Year 11 students from at their Destination’s Evening


A snippet of our amazing choir practising for an upcoming Carol Service


Congratulations to Eleanor in Year 8 who took part in successful attempt to set Guinness World Record for the most people painting a portrait simultaneously. Over 1000 keen artists from across the globe picked up their brushes to paint Sir .


Today’s assembly was delivered by our Vice Principal, Mr Lloyd. In his assembly he shared how our memory works and provided our Year 13’s with memory techniques.


Today’s assembly was delivered by our Vice Principal, Mr Lloyd. In his assembly he shared how our memory works and provided Year 13’s memory techniques.


Sidcup station.In the beforetimes it was full Monday to Friday and getting standing (rather than squishing) room was a result.Through Covid it was almost empty and I used to live like a king with a carriage to myself. 1/2


This week I am speaking about remembrance at - there's a lot to think about this year:


The fantastic team from Harris Clapham Sixth Form won the enterprise competition organised by Elixirr with a simple and clever idea for mentoring.


Thank you again to the hundreds of students and parents who attended our Open Evening last week!


We had a wonderful open evening last night - great opportunity to meet some fantastic prospective students and show off all HCL6F has to offer.If you're in Y11 and in South London then you should seriously consider applying here:


Schools Plus is proud to partner with Harris Clapham Sixth Form to provide Venue Hire on Evenings, Weekends and School Holidays. To view and book the Dance Studio, Main Hall, Drama Studio, Classrooms and more, please visit - |


Another interesting Black History Month inspired assembly by Mr Lloyd on Tuesday at Harris Clapham Sixth Form. This time, a celebration of the incredible Mary Seacole through the lens of our language of learning: Mechanics and Purpose.


Last week, Miss Buakuma gave an inspiring assembly about moral purpose as a driver for courage. We were invited to reflect on the courage of Akyaaba Addai Sebo, and were challenged to 'dig deeper, look closer, think bigger'


We are reading Black History Month inspired fiction and non-fiction this month at Harris Clapham Sixth Form. What an insightful and inspiring collection of titles!


Here’s our Year 13 student Sally sharing how Harris Clapham Sixth Form and prepared her to introduce this year’s annual Harris Federation Conference


I find this one of the greatest pieces of cognitive dissonance about the Harris Federation.We're said to be ruthless, moneygrabbing capitalists who want nothing more than to throw the poor and vulnerable onto the streets and yet we've gone into primary schooling & then nurseries

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Results - The Next Chapter

Harris Clapham Sixth Form is delighted to have received their first set of results. We are a new academy and opened during the pandemic with a cohort of fantastic students who worked so hard, alongside the dedicated teachers to achieve brilliant outcomes. We are really proud of our results which include 17% of A Level grades at an A/A*, and a remarkable 41% of A Level grades at B or better. For our vocational students, 55% of grades were at distinction or distinction * and students have secured places at universities including Imperial College London, Kings College London and the University of Nottingham. Below are just some of the success stories from our brilliant students. 


Student destinations 2023

77% of students are going to university (72 students).

Of these, 17% are going to Russell Group universities (12 students).

Russell Group destinations include Queen Mary's (5), King's College (3), Nottingham (2), Imperial (1) and Cardiff (1).

Other popular destinations for our students include Greenwich (7), Roehampton (7), City (5), Royal Holloway (4) and SOAS (4).

3% of students are going to do Apprenticeships



Ayuub has gained a place at his first-choice university, Imperial College London, to study Electronic and Information Engineering. Ayuub achieved a fantastic set of A level results (Maths, A*; Physics, A; Computer Science, A; Further Maths, A), and will be the first in his family to go to university.

“I'm more than happy. If you do actually try, you'll not regret the results you get. When the third physics paper came I wanted to give up, but I pushed on. I got really ill, but I pushed through. After the exams, I was really calm. I knew I'd done all I could do.”




Hashim’s A level results were Maths, A; Geography, A*; Physics, B. He received offers from both Bath and Queen Mary’s University of London to study Aerospace Engineering, and chose Queen Mary's.

“I'm feeling great. I'm going to discuss my choices with my family before I make a decision.”



Obeidallah will be going to Kings College London to study Geography, having achieved impressive grades in his A levels (Biology, A; Geography, A; Economics, B).

“I'm so glad I got into my first choice. You just have to try your best. Year 13 was particularly hard. The final bit of study was quite challenging, revising all the content and coursework on top.”

IMG 4558



Claudia received Distinction* grades across the board in her CTEC vocational qualifications (Health and Social Care, and Sport). She will be taking up at place at Canterbury Christ Church University, studying Physiotherapy.

“I just can't believe it! The exams were hard but I got through it. I just kept persevering so I could get these results. I'm really proud.”

IMG 4573



Margaret has won a place at Queen Mary’s University of London to study Sociology and Politics. She achieved an A in Sociology A level, and Distinction* in two CTEC vocational qualifications (Health and Social Care, and Digitial Media). Margaret found that social life and outside forces were a distraction and she was not as focused as she should have been in first year, but she knuckled down for second year and it paid off.

"I'm so proud of myself and so thankful for my teachers. I didn't believe in myself, but teachers believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself. Believe in yourself as much as others do."

IMG 4585



Thierno’s A level results were Drama, B; English, A; History, A. He is taking a year out to undertake a 9-month course on acting techniques, professional skills and marketing. After this, he intends to apply for drama school at RADA, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, or Manchester Metropolitan University.

“Take it one step at a time.”




Zainab received fantastic A level results (Maths, B; Economics, A; Psychology, A*), and is going to study Economics at Queen Mary University of London. She is the first in her family to go to university.

"I'm feeling very hopeful and pleasantly surprised. Overall I'm happy."




Kaela-May has a place at Kings College London to study English, having achieved fantastic A level results of English, A*; Art, B; History, A. She is the first in her family to go to university.

"I'm feeling good. The thing that was most stressful part was prioritising and time management. My favourite teacher was Mr O'Flynn. Also Ms Heuston and Ms Reid - all my teachers were great, as well as Ms Sharrock-Harris the Librarian."



Chanel's A level results were Geography, A; Economics, B; Psychology, B. She is going to Loughborough University to study Marketing. 

"Time management was the biggest challenge. I feel like my teachers really supported me with revision plans, I couldn't have done it on my own. I would say believe in yourself and have confidence. You will get the grades you want if you do try."

Kaela May and Chanel



Despite struggling with motivation, Theo achieved an amazing set of CTEC results - Digital Media, D*; IT, D*D*. He is moving to Canada with his family, and is planning to take a gap year before going to university there. He is the first in his family to go to university.

"Everything's going to be alright. I'm feeling 100% positive about the future."




Pedro's CTEC grades were IT, D*D*; Digital Media, D.  He is going study Computer Science and Cybersecurity and City University of London. Pedro has overcome challenges in achieving his goals, as he didn't speak English in Year 7. He is in the first generation of his family to go to university.

“The biggest challenge was saying to myself you need to learn and not be lazy. You getting the grades you want is all up to you. The one thing you can control is yourself. I'm proud of myself.”



Mahkie is going to Ravensbourne University London to study Animation. His CTEC grades were IT, D*D*; Digital Media, D.

“The most difficult thing was putting down the video games and doing things outside the house. I'm feeling proud. If you do what you love, you won't have to work a day.”

Pedro and Mahkie